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Hi boaters! Spring has sprung and things are beautiful down here at the marina. If you’re not in the area, keep an eye on our Instagram account, tag #MarinaVillage or #MarinaVillageMarina so we can live vicariously through those of you who get to be outside enjoying the weather.

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“Hello boaters – we are March-ing our way right into a mild spring; a few days of rain and chilly temps around here have left the scenery nice and green, but the sun is out and things look good.”

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As one of our authors in this issue points out, If you are a West Coast boater, you have no doubt read about, listened to, and most likely discussed the weather related tragedy that happened at Avalon in December.

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In case you haven’t noticed, we have a fairly large marina. 634 slips to be exact… and that means that we can have up to 634 boats here. All those boats require maintenance, upkeep and TLC (some more than others), which means that any responsible boat owner has thought of enlisting the help of a vendor. They could be a diver, a mechanic, a detailer, but whomever they are, here is what they need to provide before they work on our docks:

– current business insurance (minimum $500,000 commercial liability and Marina Village Marina listed as additional insured)
– business license
– owner name
– owner’s contact info (phone/email/website)
– business info (name / address / phone / website)
– list of employees

Moving forward, we also must be notified if:
– any employee leaves/joins the company
– if any info changes
– and a copy of the vendor’s insurance when you renew it each year.

Vendors (and their employees) must show ID at the office, during the Mon-Fri 8AM-430PM vendor hours, and if they don’t have ID or are not on the employee list then they will not be able to work.

We have at least 25 vendors here on a regular basis, so make sure to check that you’ve updated things with us if you are here frequently. We need to make sure all this is in place by 10/1/11.

So, you’ve purchased a boat… and now you’re looking to dock it at our marina. The two most important items (which happen to be mandatory for our marina) are Current DMV Registration and Current Insurance. If you choose to document your boat with the US Coast Guard, then you’ll need to provide a Current Certificate of Documentation in place of the registration.

Just a quick note, this is all relating to processes in California (or San Diego). If you’re looking to register a boat in Florida and dock it in Utah, you’re going to need to do your own legwork.

While we’ve run across people who don’t feel the necessity to register/document/insure their boat, we STRONGLY suggest that you don’t stay in that frame of mind. A title does not constitute DMV registration either. Per the DMV: any vessel that is used or moored on California waterways, including private lakes, must be registered.

California DMV boat registration info is here. That link will get you info about fees, regulations, and of course the application you’ll need to submit.

US Coast Guard documentation info is here.

If you want to document your boat but don’t want to spend time filling out paperwork, you may want to consider a Documentation Service. We recommend the office of Dona Jenkins.

From Boating Industry – Sept 2011

This one is situated a little more toward brokers, but you may want to give it a shot if you’re selling a boat or services for boats. Check out nukelus Mobile.
From the site:
What if you could upload all of your inventory information, pictures, and videos to just one place and then let some mystical Web-thing push it out to all of your advertising sites for you? And what if you could do all that right from your smart phone? Well, now you can.
Using a simple and intuitive interface, nukleus transforms raw inventory data into rich-content, search-engine-optimized listings that can be pushed anywhere. And because we use an open API, dealers, third-party developers, and advertisers now have the freedom and flexibility to build a more personalized experience for their on-line customers.

If you’re looking for a time saver when it comes to posting your inventory, this may just be the thing.

Our September newsletter is ready for you to read: check it out here.

There are quite a number of things going on around Mission Bay this upcoming holiday weekend; we’ve compiled a brief list.

From SD County Fireworks 2011:
Mission Bay: Sea World – 9:30 p.m. (July 3-July 5) Viewing also available along Crown Point, and all around the Sea World and Mission Bay area.
Ocean Beach Pier – 9 p.m. Ocean Blvd. & Newport Ave.

If you want to go kayaking or scuba diving under the fireworks, that option is also available here locally in Mission Bay.

There are other free firework displays throughout San Diego Bay, La Jolla and Coronado.

No matter what you end up doing, hopefully you have a fun and safe time. As the oft-repeated commercial tells us, “If it’s your boat, it’s your responsibility.”

Have a great weekend!

On occasion we have a tenant mention to us that their zincs are eroding quickly, or there seems to be an abundance of electrolysis.

Not good.

Our marina luckily does not have hot spots, so we advise tenants to check on and around their boats for potential grounding issues. Is your rudder or bonding system grounded? Are any active wires hanging in the water from your boat or neighboring vessels? If that’s the case with your next-door slip neighbor, please contact the office so we can let them know. You can help by keeping an eye out to make sure that wires or electrical cords are not left unattended or hanging in the water.

We also suggest developing a solid relationship with a professional diver (who won’t hesitate to show proof of insurance or credentials), which can alert you to potential issues before they become costly.

Good news, we will finally be able to start issuing e-statements for tenants who would like us to do so. We will not be issuing them for tenants who already do not receive them (those with old auto-run-credit cards or those with ACH).

This will save us a great deal of postage and resources, as well as help us to ensure we have current contact info for everyone.

We hope to have this in place within the next few billing cycles, however we will keep you all posted.

Update: as of 6/21/11, we are now able to do this upon tenant request. If you would like to sign up, please contact the office.