Hi boaters! Spring has sprung and things are beautiful down here at the marina. If you’re not in the area, keep an eye on our Instagram account, tag #MarinaVillage or #MarinaVillageMarina so we can live vicariously through those of you who get to be outside enjoying the weather.

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“Hello boaters – we are March-ing our way right into a mild spring; a few days of rain and chilly temps around here have left the scenery nice and green, but the sun is out and things look good.”

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As one of our authors in this issue points out, If you are a West Coast boater, you have no doubt read about, listened to, and most likely discussed the weather related tragedy that happened at Avalon in December.

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“Happy New Year, boaters! We’ve been working around the property during these quiet times, and now have the parking lots resealed and striped…”

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“It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to talk about giving.  Giving thanks, giving gifts, giving your marina a copy of your boat insurance for when things like this happen…”

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“Hi there boaters! If you’ve checked your postal mail within the past two weeks, you might have seen an URGENT notice from us…”

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“Hello boaters! We have successfully finished up another summer, and from the sound of it, many of you got quite a lot of use out of your boats….”

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“September starts off with a bang this year, with Labor Day landing right on Monday September 1st….”

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“Happy August, boaters! The sun is shining, the fish are biting, and things are going great down here at the marina….”

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“Greetings mariners and welcome to the July 2014 Marina Village eNewsletter. We are in the midst of our truly busy season, and pleased to see things in full swing….”

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